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Cherry Blossom Musical Arts: Music samples


(Nancy Wood and Paul Safar)
January 27, 2016
music by Paul Safar

Interview with Paul and Nancy on All-Classical FM

(Cherry Blossom Musical Arts)
March 29, 2012


(Nancy Wood and Paul Safar)
May 7, 2017
Willie Neslon

After a long day recording some contemporary classical music, we decided to throw in a bit of Willie, just for fun.

When M'lindy Sings

April in Paris

(Nancy Wood and Paul Safar)
November 9, 2013
Vernon Duke/ EY Harburg

What can I say. A major key is sometimes beautiful.

Tango Til They're Sore

Prelude To a Kiss


A Quartet in Red, Black and Blue, From Art Music Live in the 21st Century


(Lisa McWhorter, Matt Fuller, Leslie Straka, David Straka, vocals: Nancy wood and Paul Safar)
text "Blue" by Nancy Wood


(Lisa McWhorter, Matt Fuller, Leslie Straka, David Straka,)
Paul Safar, composer

Autumn moon

Isolation-Dance- Invocation

(Cherry Blossom Visual Music)

Visual Music


(Nancy Wood, soprano Paul Safar, piano)
Composed by Paul Safar to text by Nancy Wood

Stella's Waltz


Inflight Movie

(Paul Safar and Ben Farrell)
Paul Safar
Live at Seventh Species, 2006


(Nancy Wood, soprano Paul Safar, piano)
March 6, 2009
Paul Safar

The Creative Mind

(Paul Safar and Ben Farrell)
Paul Safar
Performed Live at the Seventh Species Concert Series in Portland OR, May 2006

Nisse's Dream-(excerpts) -a musical for children

Once Upon a Time

(Nancy Wood)
Nancy Wood
The beginning of the story...

I Want Everything (and More!)

(Paul Safar and Nancy Wood)
Music by Paul Safar, lyrics by Nancy Wood
Neem the Troll Queen and her consort, Napweed, show their true nastiness!

Lilywhite is Gone

(Paul Safar, Nancy Wood, Alex Mentzel, Erik Mentzel)
music by Paul Safar lyrics by Nancy Wood
The Cow has been Stolen!

Song of Fear

The Storm Interlude

The Witch's Song

(Paul Safar and Nancy Wood)
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood
This wacky witch gives Nisse a shot of encouragement!


(Paul Safar and Nancy Wood)
Paul Safar
Mother comforts her son, Nisse, who must go into the woods to find his beloved cow
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