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Cherry Blossom Musical Arts: Photos

Bright Crosswell and Izzy Whetstine, our MC extraordinaire-photo by Kimm Still
Paul Safar's "Five" with Roger Fountain and the dancers-photo by Kimm Still

visual music 2006

Tim Miller juggles to Paul Safar/ Ben Farrell's performance of "Inflight Movie"in Visual Music 2006. Listen to the song in our music gallery, and watch for Alli Bach's tap dance to Inflight Movie at the Oregon Country Fair 2007
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood Visual Music Co-Directors
Tom Bergeron and Art Maddox in Visual Music 2006
Chloe Potter and Brendan Albano dance to Paul Safar's "Waltz" in Visual Music 2006
Louisa Lindsay-Sprouse in "September 11",choreography by Nancy Wood, part of Visual Music 2006
Quintin Ehley, Jessica Zay and musicians in "September 11"

The Cat and Bird Vaudeville Show at the Oregon country Fair 2009

Allegra Carlson and Niqi Cavanaugh- the Cat Tango
Nectar for the Birds- Allegra and Niqi
Roger Fountain juggles EGGS
Kerri Kresinski as Zen Kitty
Zen Kitty takes to the Air!
Artistic Director Nancy Wood as Yellow Warbler
The Old Crow, Izzy Whetstine
Yellow Warbler and The Old Crow
Yellow Warbler is told she should get over trying to be a cat
Simon Waddell and Roger Fountain
G-Cat , Gustav Verdouw

The Band-Amadeus 6

Diane Chaplin, Cello Angel
"Amadeus 6" Composer and Director- Paul Safar
Nate Waddell and Andrew Teem- the rhythm section
Ben Farrell, bass clarinet
Craig Bender- saxophone, flute

Preview shots from The Cat and Bird Vaudeville Extravaganza

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