Visual Music 2012: The C's Have it!

Bodyvox, 1201 NW 17th Ave, Portland, OR

Portland is a vibrant place for new music, and Cherry Blossom's founders Paul Safar and Nancy Wood have enjoyed performing in Portland for a number of years.  Cherry Blossom's March Music Moderne concert emphasizes our love of cross-pollination, and includes the following:

The world premiere of "The Coast of Oregon: The Quest for Aztlan" by Derek Healey- a dramatic monologue for soprano and chamber ensemble, featuring Nancy Wood, soprano, Paul Safar, piano, Sydney Carlson, flute, Diane Chaplin, cello, Florian Conzetti, percussion and conducted by Keith Clark.

"A Trio in Four Dances" by Paul Safar with Portland Festival Ballet, choreographed by PFB Artistic Director, John Magnus and featuring violinist Lisa Mc Whorter, cellist Diane Chaplin and composer/pianist Paul Safar. "Four on Five" by Paul Safar with choreography by Lavinia Magliocco for Portland Festival Ballet featuring Lisa McWhorter, violin, Paul Safar, piano, Diane Chaplin, cello, and Florian Conzetti, percussion Comet Crash 9" an electroacoustic piece by Jack Gabel accompanied by a video montage by Agnieszka Laska

"The C's have it" by Paul Safar with performance artist Ty Connor and Bodyvox 2. In an homage to John Cage, Merce Cunningham and the letter C, the first time the Bodyvox dancers hear the music will be the moment they take the stage, allowing the audience to witness the dance/music collision as it happens.